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Solutions and know-how for: OWNER |BOARD | CEO | CFO |CSO | COO | CTO | CMO | CRO |CHRO |CIO

Head of Operations

Salary range: 220 – 300k €

Task: In a in private equity ownership (PE) company (brand, € 1 billion turnover) was the board and some positions in close cooperation with the new partner (VC) with former and highly international top managers (Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser) newly staffed after the takeover. The company was strongly involved in the change process; the mood in the region and the relationship with the works council were tense. The supply organization was in the middle of a change process, a difficult constellation. We had already staffed the position of the Global Operations Excellence Manager, the second most important position (after COO) of Supply Organization - responsible for the strategy and the works - was still vacant - Head of Operations, Strategy, Lean and projects - and there were already known candidates.

Solution: To "benchmark" these "friends" against external candidates, we presented a brief study of external options for this position. We searched in Germany, Belgium, England, Holland, Switzerland and Eastern Europe in the supply organizations of the leading automotive, FMCG, OTC and pharmaceutical companies. We presented the first candidate after two weeks, further candidates after three to four weeks. After intensive discussions, it was decided to hire an already known candidate, an operation and supply manager of a German DAX-listed group. Meanwhile, he has achieved very significant earning increases through significant efficiency improvements and there was nearly no need for cutting jobs. The new private equity owner has promised nearly doubled investment in the coming years and the company's value has almost doubled in just five years.

Supply Network-Leader

Salary range: 180– 250k €

Task: In a DAX company (FMCG) was the position of a Supply Board refilled and the future orientation of the new supply organization (end-to-end) was one of the strategic objectives of the Board. In the previous constellation all plants and distribution centers (DCs) were allocated to the individual subsidiaries. In future, a centrally controllable Supply Network should be established. In the next step functional teams at the headquarters (HQ) should be staffed with experienced Supply managers from leading companies. The aim was to control the plants and DCs from HQ and to promote a global human resources development in the supply on.

Solution: We staffed the position with a in the factory and logistics management of a region (North America) experienced manager from one of the TOP5-FMCG companies. He was very successful for several years and was promoted several times. Now, he works as COO of a well known German brand.

CFO / Director Finance and IT | IT Director

Salary range: 160 – 250k €

Task: An in fourth-generation managed family business (automotive supplier, € 500 million turnover) the controlling and financial management (Perspective board) should be staffed. After 14 days we were able to present the first interim candidate until final talks. However, in the end it was decided to leave the position unstaffed for a few months and wait for the final candidates.

Solution: In a cross-sector search we finally found the final candidate for the position controlling and IT, who had to pass in family council and started to work after four months. A few months later, we filled the position of Head of IT / ERP, which is responsible for an ERP conversion and the Head of Finance reported to the Board / Controlling. 

LEAN / Operational Excellence-Manager

Salary range: 120 – 180k €

Task: In the same company, the position of the leading Operations Excellence Manager needed to be filled. He/ she should report to the long-serving Head of Operations, who reports to the new COO who we know for many years. Both managers and HR had different ideas about the profile the candidate should have, we succeeded - especially through intensive cooperation with HR - to find a solution, but we had to moderate the discussions intensively.

Solution: We searched in D, A, CH, Belgium, the Netherlands and in Eastern Europe in the supply organizations of the leading FMCG and automotive companies. We were able to successfully fill the position after three months with a manager working in Poland to that time, now he is successfully integrated into the company.


Salary range: 120 – 180k €

Task: In a family company (Confectionary, € 100 million turnover) in a highly competitive environment, the plant management should be replaced with a in the fields of food and modern production methods (Lean / CI) experienced manager / in. The product portfolio of the company is very wide and very fragmented produced (frequent changeover). The new plant manager should improve this complexity in close cooperation with packaging, innovation, marketing, sales and product development.

Solution: After we had presented some good food-experienced candidates, they chose the operating plant manager who still works successfully in that company and had worked for several years in another industry, but had experience as Operations Manager in one of the well-known global companies in the chocolate industry.

Technical Manager

Salary range: 90 – 140k €

Task: In a successful fourth generation family business (food, € 140 million turnover) the technical management (perspective plant management) of a plant - in the change process - in the new federal states should be staffed with a manager experienced in the food sector. The difficulty laid in the region and the not very easy colleagues who had worked for nearly two decades.

Solution: After we had presented several good candidates who had already acted on plant manager level or could act at this level and had jumped off the second or third week, respectively, we expanded the target group to companies outside of the segment food. There we found very qualified candidates, and finally a successfully active manager and technical manager.


Solutions und Know-how for: OWNER |BOARD | CEO | CFO |CSO | COO | CTO | CMO | CRO |CHRO |CIO

Plant-Manager (Interim)

Salary range: 150 – 220k € | Daily rate: 900 – 1.300 €

Task: In a well-known brand (food, formerly family, then a subsidiary of a US global brand owner, now in private equity own), a plant should be closed and the assets transferred to another site. With the announcement of the plant closure, the plant manager left the company quickly and it an interim solution for a plant manager had to be found quickly. Our client, the COO (a former Procter & Gamble- and Unilever manager) asked us to search for a interim manager / in.

Solution: With our own candidate pool and the cooperation with three major interim providers we could present the first profiles to our customers after six days and after 20 days, the new interim plant manager started and shifted the production in the following five months successfully.


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